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As the industry leader in Gerber data preparation, GraphiCode has built a reputation for providing unparallelled Gerber solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry. Fourteen of the top fifteen US contract manufacturers use GraphiCode software to help them create programs for pick and place, test, solderpaste inspection, and route machines. Many of our contract manufacturers want our front-end software packaged with OEM machines. This is ideal for several reasons:

  • Customers want their machine vendors to be a "total solution" provider.
  • Customers want to buy the machine and start using it immediately as opposed to buying the machine then shopping for the software that will allow them to input data.
  • Customers want to have one contact for support, not one for the machine and one for the software.
  • Customers want the assurance that the machines and software will be compatible.

With these issues in mind, GraphiCode is committed to creating and fostering relationships with OEMs. GraphiCode works closely with OEMs to create products for their individual needs. An OEM partner of GraphiCode can expect:

  • Programs that can be seamlessly imported into OEM machines.
  • GraphiCode product training for OEM and customer.
  • Customized product name and splash screen of OEMs choice.
  • Ongoing product support.
  • Satisfied customers.

GraphiCode is looking forward to building more relationships with OEMs and helping them to become a "total solution" provider for their customers.