Product Matrix

GC-Prevue GC-PrevuePlus GC-CAM Edit GC-PowerStation GC-PowerPlace
  Import Gerber
  Import DPF and Fire 9000
  Import NC Info
  Import HPGL
  Aperture Convertor
  GraphiCode GWK / CWK / XWK
  Merge Multiple Jobs
  Import DXF or DWG
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  • Gerber - D & X
  • AutoCAD - DXF/DWG
  • DPF (Barco)
  • HPGL
  • EDIF 4.0.0
  • NC Drill / NC Rout
  • EmmaODB++ (cost option)


  • Gerber X (RS274X)
  • AutoCAD - DXF/DWG
  • Excellon Drill/Rout
  • DPF (Barco)
  • Component Placement List (cost option)

GC-PrevuePlus Building on Excellence


  • Data editing
  • Text creation
  • Gerber to DXF, DXF to Gerber
  • Sketched Pad conversion
  • Silkscreen OCR
  • ODB++ Import (cost option)
  • DRC (cost option) - Design Rule Checks
  • Assembly Programming (cost option) - Create component placement files


  • Clip Selected Data Clip Selected Data allows the user to remove a specific segment of a trace, rather than having to delete an entire trace entity.
  • Data Creation Traces and pads of virtually any shape can be created and added to a new or existing data layer. True Font text can also be added.
  • Measure The measure feature allows the user to measure the distances between selected data objects or points, from Edge to Edge, Center to Center, Center to Edge and Edge to Center.
  • Export DXF The Export DXF feature generates a DXF representation of any data layer exported from GC-PrevuePlus.Some other standard export options are: RS-274-D (GerberD - standard Gerber); RS-274-X (GerberX - extended Gerber); Excellon Drill; Excellon Rout; HPGL and DPF.


  • Basic Design Editing and Creation
  • Design Verification
  • Gerber Translation
  • Drill/Rout Translation
  • Drill Drawing Creation
  • Sales Quoting
  • Assembly Programming (cost option)
  • DRC (cost option)


Product features include: Enhanced import capabilities, a measure tool to find distances between data points, ability to fix polygon data errors commonly found in DXF and DWG files, drill drawing creation, streamlined data translation between various formats, and Assembly Programming and DRC cost options.


GCPrevuePlus couples simplicity and flexibility. The user interface is customizable to present information exactly where and how you need it. Multiple views, personalized hot-keys and toolbars allow users full interface control.


GC-PrevuePlus delivers performance and features unmatched in the industry. It is designed to reduce manufacturing production expenses and enhance productivity. To accomplish this, GC-PrevuePlus runs on a desktop PC platform and eliminates he need for expensive workstations. GC-PrevuePlus' off-line verification capabilities ensure efficient workflow to manufacturing equipment.

What’s New

Version 21.2

November 2021